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The Classics by Melissa & Doug

In every generation, there’s a toy trend that excites everyone to play and have fun: marbles, pogs, sticker trading, Crazy Bones, jump ropes, Silly Bandz, Barbie, etc.  When I was young, pogs were the rage. Everyone had them, and used them at recess to battle their peers in an effort to increase their collections. As fun as those toys are, I’ve always been a huge supporter of classic toys. Everything from puzzles to wooden drums are easily found, but have the potential to capture the imagination of your child even though it isn’t electronic or newly created in the 21st Century. One company, Melissa & Doug, makes a fantastic selection of classically inspired toys, usually made with wood, to foster creative and educational play.

What better way to learn the alphabet than with giant, colourful puzzle pieces? This puzzle by Melissa & Doug is wonderfully constructed and perfect for small hands, just learning to grip.

Simple but adorable drawings help children identify animals and match shapes!

Tambourines, wooden shakers, a triangle, and more, outfit this cool and classic music set for budding musicians. Help your child learn about rhythm and melody!

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Sound Puzzles!

Let the sounds of musical instruments, farm animals, and the zoo come to life for your child with Melissa & Doug Sound Puzzles. Both fun and educational, these high quality toys are great gifts for little ones learning to identify animals. Children are rewarded for their efforts when the puzzle piece is placed in its proper spot; the corresponding picture’s sound effect lets them know they’ve assembled the puzzle correctly!

Each happy farm animal “sounds off” in its own voice when the animal puzzle pieces is placed correctly in the puzzle board of this wooden eight-piece peg puzzle! Your child will enjoy all eight sounds and the full-color, matching pictures under the pieces. Eye- and ear-catching puzzle enhances matching and listening skills.

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Career Costumes

It’s never too early for your child to start thinking about fun and creative careers, and the collection of Melissa & Doug Costumes is a great way to try them on for size!

Halloween isn’t far away, either. You’re little one can dress up as a police officer!

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