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It’s official. The 80s are back… and better than ever with the Klutz Safety Pin Bracelet book & kit.

Safety Pin Bracelets helps anyone craft an entire collection of brilliantly sparkling jewelry out of garden-variety safety pins. The book includes 12 dazzling bracelet designs. Whichever design you choose, you pick the colors and patterns so each bracelet is uniquely you. And, of course, the book comes with everything you need: 175 safety pins in three different sizes, over 1,000 beads in vibrant colors, and silvery elastic cord. Finally, the open-and-shut packaging keeps all your craft supplies organized and neat.

The snow will be melting soon (hopefully) and when it does, you’ll be ready for some creative outdoor fun. Chalk the Block by Klutz is full of games, artistic and quirky ideas that will keep children guessing and totally entertained!

Play some arty tricks on the neighbourhood!

Chalk the Block comes with 4 big pieces of chalk and a ton of bold ideas for adding temporary humor to the sidewalks, curbs, walls, rocks, and bricks of your neighborhood — colorful antics, caricatures, and tomfoolery, with a few extreme hopscotch grids thrown in. Tickle the funny bones of friends and strangers with inspired lunacy guaranteed to bring a smile to passersby.

These titles should be available in-store within the next couple of weeks. Visit Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s, online or in-store, to see an extensive selection of Klutz products.

Klutz Magical Horses


Create some beautifully decorated, mystical paper horses! This pretty, crafty book from Klutz is a great option for a birthday party present, or as an activity for rainy afternoons! Choose from a variety of glitter wings, headresses, and crowns with which to adorn each majestic horse.

Who knew paper dolls could be so enchanting? The Marvelous Book of Magical Horses comes with six gorgeous paper ponies and three paper-doll fairies. Plus, of course, everything you need to dress them up and play: a dozen fabulous wings, more than 200 punch-out saddles, manes, bows, and other horse and fairy fashions, and four fabulously illustrated playscapes. Frustration-proof sticky shapes hold the outfits on tight and make this activity as simple as can be.

Visit Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s for more crafty ideas and Klutz activity books.

Klutz to the Rescue!

If you’re drawing a blank for gift ideas, have no fear, Klutz is here. If, at any point, you are struggling to figure out what to get for your little ones, Klutz has a kit for you. Check out our website for a more extensive list of titles.

The Encyclopedia of Immaturity

Stay young and mischievous forever with a copy of Klutz’s The Encyclopedia of Immaturity, Volume One and Two. Learn how to “Make Your own Mood Rings,” “How to Bite Off Your Finger,” figure out if you have a weird face, or “How to be a Backseat Annoyance.” All these tricks, and more, are for you to explore in Volume One.

The hilarity continues in Volume Two, where you can learn “How to Cure the Hiccups,” “How to Make a Sticky Note Paper Airplane,” and “How to Amputate Your Leg.” These invaluable Volumes are full of fun, goofy ideas for both the young and young-at-heart.

Join us in-store or online at Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s!

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