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Gogo's Crazy Bones Series 2

My seven-year-old son has been asking me “When can I buy Gogo’s Series 2?” every day for several months now. Well, the day has finally arrived where I can say “They’re HERE”!

Gogo’s have evolved and Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s has them! Series 2 Flow Pack is now available in stores and online.  Also, exclusively in stores, Gogo’s Crazy Bones Gold Series Limited Edition tin. This tin makes a perfect gift for any Gogo collector-each tin contains 10 EXCLUSIVE Gogo’s and some of the most valuble Gogo’s!

Let the Easter Games Begin!

What better way to get kids excited about Easter than to hold a scavenger hunt!? Every clue leads to a fuller basket and is a step closer to their special prize at the end of the trail. Taking the time to set up a treasure hunt will create lasting Easter memories for years to come. An Easter Scavenger Hunt Party can be fun for kids and adults-it’s a chance to socialize with the neighbours, get some fresh air and exercise and have fun!

Here are some simple tips and ideas to make your Easter morning a success!

Planning the hunt is half the fun! The game can be limited to the house, the yard or perhaps your local park. Why not make it a Street event? You and your neighbours can chat over coffees while the kids are running from yard to yard to collect their loot! Clues can come in a variety of forms and you can make your clues as obvious or difficult as you wish, just remember to keep them age appropriate. Here are some ideas you can try:

For little ones you can make a treasure map with symbols and simple drawings. Or, why not use the game UKLOO! UKLOO is a treasure hunt game designed to help reluctant and beginner readers. Kids have so much fun, they don’t even realize they’re actually learning to read!

Click here to buy yours online!

Or how about leaving a trail of arrows for kiddies to follow…or my favourite, a trail of chocolate eggs.

Use PHOTOS or draw PICTURES. Clues can be an image of the actual hiding place or you can be a little more cryptic and have a picture of a hint of the location, such as a picture of a leaf if you want to send the kids to a tree.

For older children you can create riddles. You can use Plastic Easter Eggs to hold candy prizes and new clues to the next location.

Of course, there is the quick and dirty plan (but always a BLAST) the Free For All. Hide eggs and prizes all over the place and send the hunters out to gather!

You can even create a special gift for each child and put their name on it so they know when they find their unique prize.

Send us photos of your Easter Morning and feel free to post your Easter Morning Traditions for other families to try!

E-mail your pictures to!

Hopeful Hearts’ “Once Upon a Fairytale”

Dress up as your favourite fairytale character for a good cause! Enjoy a local, fund raising event, while having fun cookie decorating, face painting, crafting, and playing games. Bring the family! Hopeful Hearts, an extra-special dog rescue charity, will be holding a fabulous event that everyone can enjoy. Tickets are $20 per child, while parents attend for free.

When: March 27th, 2011

Where: Ukranian Hall, 1000 Byron Avenue

For more information: Hopeful Hearts

If you have a few spare minutes, I encourage you to visit their website, and read about each dog they’ve rescued. Some stories are heartbreaking, but always hopeful. Mason, the Belgian Shepherd, Pip, Solo, and Taffey are all waiting to find a new and loving home! You’ll want to adopt them all!

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The Smurfs are in the House!

Now available at Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s, MEGA BLOCKS has released a set of Smurf building sets! Check out Papa Smurf’s House…

Build & Rebuild! C0llect all the houses and create a village! Each set comes with Smurf mini figures that will help bring your Smurf world to life. Great for children ages 4 and up. Even adult collectors who enjoy retro toys and remember the classic Smurfs television program will be charmed by these fun sets by MEGA BLOCKS.

Schleich 75th Anniversary Contest

Congratulations to our Westboro location of Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s on Richmond Road, who created a fabulous Schleich display window! The winners of Schleich’s 75th Anniversary window display contest have been announced and Westboro has won second place! The staff on Richmond Road worked diligently and creatively to construct a wonderful display that shows the extensive versatility of Schleich’s collection.

For more information about the other winners, please click here!

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