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Ottawa, get kids moving!

Here at Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s, we just got in a new line of awesome skipping gear including jump ropes, double dutch ropes, stilt walkers and skip-its! It’s from Just Jump It  and it’s available at all our stores now! In the spirit of keeping active, we wanted to get parents talking about more ways to keep their kids moving this summer!

We all know the benefits of keeping our kids active. It keeps the body healthy, encourages socialization & teamwork and provides a foundation for keeping fit in to adulthood.

But where to start with your little offspring?

Rule number one (and there is only one rule) Make it fun. If it’s fun your kids will be asking for more and that’s all you need to keep fit. Here are some ideas to get kids moving. Since it’s spring, we’re going to keep it a list of Fun Active Things to do in Ottawa for Spring and Summer!

Rediscover Ottawa and go for a family walk or bike ride! There the paths along the Rideau Canal and more paths along the Ottawa River. Perhaps opt for a stroll through the Ottawa Byward Market you can visit the street vendors and buy some fresh produce while exercising, how cool is Ottawa?!

Want to add a twist to the family walk? Go out at night and bring a flashlight. Be sure to look up and stargaze as well!

Or simply head to your local park and toss around a ball or frisbee, it can be that simple! Don’t ignore the free public tennis courts either-even if you’ve never picked up a racket, there is still tons of fun in trying and who knows, your kid may be the next Roger Federer!

If more adventurous, make your way to the Gatineau Hills for hiking, kyaking, canoeing and even camping!

Go for a family Swim at the local beach or public pool. There are a number of wading pools as well-be sure to bring lots of fun water toys. For a more planned trip head to the Kanata Wave Pool or the new and impressive Calypso Waterpark!

Game On! Organize an impromptu neighbourhood game of basketball or street hockey. Or how about double dutch jump ropes? Maybe even hacky sack, don’t be shy to try something new.

Take your dog for a walk, Fido deserves the exercise too. Even if you don’t have a dog, head to an off-leash park where you can bird-watch AND Dog-watch at the same time!

Remember to support your kids in everything they try and allow children to include their friends!

Let us know some other ways you keep your kids moving in the warm weather!


Play Time!

Boredom doesn’t have to be contagious. It takes only a little imagination and some ingenuity to turn a quiet afternoon into a day of play! Here are three great options for turning your home into an idea factory!

1. Create a Craft Station

Simply outfit a plastic container or shoebox with some finger paints, a smock, a stash of crayons, and glitter glue. Then make sure to have a roll or pad of craft paper handy. It doesn’t require fancy materials to turn a quiet, unexciting afternoon into a zealous crafting session. The potential is endless. You can personalize each craft station to match your child’s interests. For example, if your daughter loves to dress up, then it would be great to have a jewelry making kit! Or, if your son enjoys playing with toy vehicles, a paint-your-own Thomas the Tank Engine would be a fantastic option.

2. Puppet Show

Either full sized or finger puppets are available to create engaging stories for your children. Encourage them to write a story and act it out with puppets. Use different animals and characters to act out different lessons and stories. It’s a great way for children to learn about animals and their habitats, too! Simply pair a book about whales with a matching puppet.

3. Build a Fort

I used to build forts all the time when I was little! It was so much fun. There was nothing more entertaining than creating a tent out of sheets and clothes pins, where I could hide out and read, play with toys, and eat fun snacks. It’s a great way for kids to exercise their imagination.

And of course, there’s always Monopoly….

Visit Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s, in-store or online, for more fun and ways to beat boredom on quiet afternoons.

The Classics by Melissa & Doug

In every generation, there’s a toy trend that excites everyone to play and have fun: marbles, pogs, sticker trading, Crazy Bones, jump ropes, Silly Bandz, Barbie, etc.  When I was young, pogs were the rage. Everyone had them, and used them at recess to battle their peers in an effort to increase their collections. As fun as those toys are, I’ve always been a huge supporter of classic toys. Everything from puzzles to wooden drums are easily found, but have the potential to capture the imagination of your child even though it isn’t electronic or newly created in the 21st Century. One company, Melissa & Doug, makes a fantastic selection of classically inspired toys, usually made with wood, to foster creative and educational play.

What better way to learn the alphabet than with giant, colourful puzzle pieces? This puzzle by Melissa & Doug is wonderfully constructed and perfect for small hands, just learning to grip.

Simple but adorable drawings help children identify animals and match shapes!

Tambourines, wooden shakers, a triangle, and more, outfit this cool and classic music set for budding musicians. Help your child learn about rhythm and melody!

For more ideas, visit us in-store or online at Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s!

Happy 2011!

The gang at Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s is preparing for another year of creativity, playful fun, and great toys. Look out for new and exciting products this winter as we continue to stock our shelves with innovative and educational toys for the young and young at heart.

Celebrate the winter months with some cool, snow fort building tools.

Visit us at Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s, in-store or online!

Career Costumes

It’s never too early for your child to start thinking about fun and creative careers, and the collection of Melissa & Doug Costumes is a great way to try them on for size!

Halloween isn’t far away, either. You’re little one can dress up as a police officer!

Visit us in-store and online for all kinds of fun events and games for children of all ages! Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s is a great resource for parents too! Don’t be shy. Come on by.

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