Holiday shopping at Lost Marbles

Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s is the place to shop for fun, quality toys and games. But where to go for the kid who is all grown up?

Lost Marbles is our answer! Every Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s has a Lost Marbles section full of odd and interesting products. Collectable art toys, quirky home accessories, games and puzzles, retro toys(Remember Monchichi?), and much more! It’s hard to not find the perfect gift or stocking stuffer. At Lost Marbles there might just be something for everyone. Visit our online store to see a sampling of what we have in store!

Find us on Facebook and Twitter!

Our Website is back and better than ever. We have also given our Facebook page and makeover and launched our Twitter account! To celebrate, we will donate a toy to Toy Mountain for each new Facebook fan we get from now until November 5th. It’s the easiest thing you can do to make a child’s Christmas a little bit better this year. Plus, you get advance notice on sales, promotions, and cool new products!

Find us on Facebook here, and check out our Twitter here!

KRE-O, a cool new building toy

This is the time of year we start to pick up exciting new line of toys.  That’s right, Christmas is coming!  New for us is the KRE-O building system.  We have a wide range of transformers themed sets, like the one pictured here.  KRE-O is compatible with “leading brands”, most notably LEGO!  We think that is great, because that makes it so easy to give KRE-O a try without committing to a whole new brand.

Lego Mini Figures Series 5!!

Lego Mini Figures Series 5 is here!  Lego sets never seem to include quite enough figures, so these are great to fill out a collection and get creative play moving.  And, uh, *cough, cough* it’s not just the kids who are collecting!

Sweet Jelly Cat Plushies

Our collection of these very sweet and friendly “Jelly Cat” brand plushies just keeps getting bigger.  Pictured are two of the most popular characters, but there are so many more.  Jelly Cat products are designed in England, but seem to be catching on worldwide.  Definitely in Ottawa, anyways!  We love the high quality construction, and the charming variety of colours and textures that give these toys such personality. 

New Air Hog Titan stunt glider

We are so excited about the Air Hog Titan foam stunt glider.  It’s four feet long, and can glide 150 feet.  It’s easy to put together, and comes with sticker decals.  But we think it is begging you to get creative with decorating!  The plain white foam is easy to paint or colour on, making it a fun activity to customize and then play with.  Priced at $14.99.  See you at the park!

New Smurf Boxed Sets from Schleich


The Smurf movie is finally in theatres!  From what I’ve heard so far, lots of parents are just as excited to see it as the kids(maybe even more!).  It’s great to see people getting to share this “when I was a kid…” memory in such a fun way!  Although we’re hearing so many tragic tales of  long-lost childhood smurf collections…I bet those are a big collectors item now!

Schleich has put out some lovely boxed sets to celebrate the movie.  In addition to a special “movie” set, there are reproductions of smurfs that were made each decade from 1960-2009.  Too cool!

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